Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Equity Gaps in Transportation

ITSA Member Webinar Series: Google

Initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities have been set forth. This panel will explore how agencies can use data-driven insights to alleviate chronic transportation inequities that have inhibited the ability of some neighborhoods to prosper. Difficulties in getting people to essential destinations —jobs, schools, and healthcare facilities — negatively affect every aspect of life. With new mobility options, focus and funding, there are real opportunities for making transportation networks safer, sustainable, and more equitable. This panel will explore how we can quantify gaps, implement new approaches and measure progress on addressing equity gaps. It will also highlight how agencies can move from talking about equity in transportation to implementing it in policies and practices.

Speakers include:
Monali Shah, Strategic Business Executive at Google
Jairobe Mcpherson, Google Cloud Engineer
Beth Osborne, Director of the Transportation and Thriving Communities Team at Smart Growth America
Anne Marie Kilgallon, Vice President, North America Revenue and Global Strategic Partnerships at CARTO