The Pink Tax: Why Women Spend More on Mobility Than Men 

Presented by ITS America, NYU and the Universal Basic Mobility Working Group 

“The Pink Tax” is a form of gender-based discrimination requiring women to pay more for transportation, transit and mobility, as well as other products and services. The ‘pink tax’ in transportation means women often pay up to$1,200 more than men each year due to childcare responsibilities, safety concerns, and income inequality, resulting in longer, more costly, and less efficient options. This leads to an inequitable system not designed to fit the needs of all users.  

This interactive presentation will ask: How can we correctly understand the pink tax in transportation? What opportunities are women missing because they can’t get around safely or cheaply? What are the potential solutions?  

On June 8th, ITS America and the Universal Basic Mobility (UBM) Working Group will host Sarah Kaufman and Alexander Shermansong, co-authors of the 2022 Pink Tax on Mobility Report: Opportunities for Innovation to present their recent findings. The authors will outline the research that frames the issue, lays the foundation for systemic change, and gathers momentum by identifying recommendations. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session facilitated by UBM Working Group Chair Pete Costello.  


  • Laura Chace, President and CEO, ITS America  
  • Facilitator: Pete Costello, Senior Advisor, Feonix Mobility Rising 
  • Sarah Kaufman, Associate Director, NYU Rudin Center  
  • Alexander Shermansong, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service, New York University