Seasoned Communications Leader to Join ITS America

Former APTA Communications Staffer Chad Chitwood Named Communications Director

WASHINGTON – The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) today announced that Chad Chitwood will join the association as Director of Communications.

Chitwood was with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) for more than 10 years and is well-versed in transportation policy and advocacy. Prior to joining APTA, he also managed communications operations for advocacy and electoral campaigns and on Capitol Hill.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chad to ITS America,” said Laura Chace, President & CEO. “His knowledge of the industry as well as his ability to communicate how transportation policy can make a difference for people across the country will be tremendously beneficial as we continue to push for the deployment of technology that will create opportunities for everyone.”

“I’m excited to join the ITS America team. This is a crucial time for American infrastructure, and I look forward to working with the ITS America staff and its members to share their vision of intelligent mobility with the public,” Chitwood said. “Implementing new technologies will continue to be vital to making transportation safer, more equitable, and more sustainable for all those who ride transit, cycle, or drive across their communities.”

In addition to Chitwood, ITS America also announced Tina Williams will also join its policy team as a program manager. Williams is with the Maryland Department of Transportation and serves as a liaison between the Maryland Highway Safety Office and its partners and regional grantees.

Chitwood and Williams will join ITS America in Los Angeles for the ITS World Congress, which kicks off September 18.


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