Mobility XX- Part 1: Women in the Workplace

Transportation is woven through every facet of society, yet:
– Women pay more for transportation than men as they balance work, home, family and travel
-Women’s safety concerns shrink their transportation choices
-Women’s economic opportunities are reduced because of inequities in transportation

Join us for this 2 part series to discuss how we should address the fact that women make up a staggering 15% of the transportation industry, and even less in the CEO/ leadership positions? How has COVID-19 impacted women’s standing in the transportation industry, and how has it impacted women travelers?

In Part 1 of the Mobility XX Webinar – Why Equality Can’t Wait, we will hear from McKinsey & Company on trends and the latest research on Women in the Workplace, specifically in the transportation industry- including the impacts of COVID-19 on women.