MobilityXX Presents: Advancing Gender Equitable Transportation for Los Angeles

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of LADOT, presents Changing Lanes, LADOT’s recent study of gender equity in access to transportation in Los Angeles. The study highlights the connections between gender and systemic inequity that limit women’s freedom to travel and provides actionable strategies for solving gender-based barriers to mobility.

Reynolds and the leaders of the study team will discuss opportunities and innovative solutions for addressing these challenges.

Speakers include:

• Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LADOT

• Naria Kiani, Senior Planning Coordinator, Kounkuey Design Initiative

• Madeline Brozen, Deputy Director, Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

• Jessica Schoner, Ph.D., Data Science Practice Lead, Toole Design Group

View the full study here: