Planning of Truck Electrification Infrastructure Using Emerging Telematics Data

Freight markets have been extremely volatile since the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to significant changes in freight movement. The commodity flow data and current associated models on the market are not recent enough to capture this change and under the 2021 Federal IIJA/BIL law (§21104) the FHWA’s January 2023 State Freight Plan Guidance says states must include the most recent supply chain cargo flows from within 5 years and preferably within the last 3 years. So, is that even possible? Where does that type of data exist and how do organizations use that data to help plan for truck electrification infrastructure?

During this webinar, we will discuss the growing interest at all levels of government to accelerate the electrification of truck fleets and what that means for electrification infrastructure. We will also review use cases that highlight telematics data as being the answer to the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of both medium-duty and heavy-duty truck charging infrastructure.

Speakers Include:

Preeti Choudhary, Executive Director, DriveOhio

Josh O’Neill, Supervising Planner, Rhode Island Division of Statewide Planning

Sebastian Guerrero, PhD,  Vice President, Advisory Services, U.S., WSP

Shweta Shah, Senior ITS Manager, Group Product Management, Geotab ITS