ITS America Releases Technology Blueprint

WASHINGTON – ITS America today released its 2021 policy blueprint, which outlines how technology can transform the U.S. transportation system.

“ITS America believes that developing and deploying transportation technologies provides the opportunity to alleviate many of the negative impacts of our transportation system while providing more equitable and accessible mobility without leaving behind the transportation workers who allow our transportation system to function. Intelligent mobility driven by the deployment of transportation technologies has the potential to significantly reduce deaths on U.S. roadways, reduce congestion and emissions, and provide equal access to mobility for all U.S. residents while growing the economy, providing better health outcomes, and increasing access to education and economic opportunity.”

Contact: Cathy St. Denis,

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About ITS America The Intelligent Transportation Society of America advances the research and deployment of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives, improve mobility, increase accessibility and equity, promote sustainability, and improve efficiency and productivity. Our vision is a better future transformed by intelligent mobility: safer, greener, smarter. For more information, please visit